NEXOGENESIS: towards an integrated water policy in the WEFE Nexus

Helping to connect the results with the BTO drinking water companies

KWR is involved as a project partner in the Horizon2020 NEXOGENESIS project. Under the NEXOGENESIS umbrella, research is being conducted on the development of future water policy for the sound management of natural resources. The aim is to contribute to the achievement of objectives from, for example, the European Green Deal, the Water Framework Directive and a greener common agricultural policy.

NEXOGENESIS addresses four challenges:

  1. Furthering our understanding of the complex relationship between water, energy and food (WEF).
  2. Improving the integration of the ecosystem into WEF system thinking.
  3. Developing a sectoral approach to policy development.
  4. Developing knowledge about the impact of policies on the Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem Nexus (WEFE Nexus).

Enhancing our knowledge about potential synergies and trade-offs in the WEFE Nexus can help improve cooperation between sectors in order to design integrated policies. This will in turn lead to the more efficient use of natural resources such as water.

Developing a coordinated, cross-sectoral approach to policy development

Working with stakeholders, policy-makers and scientists, NEXOGENESIS is focusing on the development, validation and application of a cross-sectoral approach to policy development with an emphasis on climate change and socio-economic change. This involves policies at different scales: local, regional, national and international. Our approach is based on the development and application of a decision support tool: the Self-Learning Nexus Assessment Engine (SLNAE). It will allow us to improve our understanding of the impact of water-related policies in the WEFE Nexus. Working with the WEFE Nexus Footprint, we will then be able to establish a clear insight into the results of this impact assessment with the SLNAE for the policy targeting the WEFE Nexus.

Would you like to participate?

Results from the NEXOGENESIS project will be shared with the BTO partners. Are you interested in participating in research on integrated water policy in the WEFE Nexus during an annual discussion session, or would you like to be kept informed of the research by email only? Please get in touch with .