Year Review 2021

Four-year European LIFE-Climate grant for regional hydrogen project LIFE NEW HYTS

Research and demonstration of green hydrogen for transport

A broad-based consortium in the region of Utrecht has launched the LIFE NEW HYTS (reNEWable green HYdrogen for TranSport) project to demonstrate and stimulate the transition to green hydrogen regionally. In the LIFE NEW HYTS project, which recently received a four-year grant from the European LIFE program, KWR has the following roles: coordinating the project, installing and operating the electrolyser, and developing the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and business case. The 4.6 million euro grant will contribute to the realisation of a production and distribution system for green hydrogen in the province of Utrecht.

LIFE NEW HYTS manages the entire chain, from production and distribution to green hydrogen in road transport. It connects the ambitions in the region laid down in the ‘Covenant on Hydrogen in Mobility for the Province of Utrecht’. With green hydrogen, we can take a step towards emission-free, clean mobility and avoid CO2 emissions.

Matching supply and demand

The introduction of ‘electric vehicles on green hydrogen for transport’ is running into an impasse. There is a lack of hydrogen filling stations due to low demand and little investment in hydrogen vehicles due to the lack of hydrogen filling stations. Moreover, investments in the production and distribution system for green hydrogen are still high.

LIFE NEW HYTS aims to establish a local green hydrogen chain, from a solar farm to hydrogen vehicles, by combining expertise, operational capacity and policies. By working together locally and regionally, the partners can link their ambitions towards implementing green hydrogen and assess opportunities for joint procurement. Regional cooperation supports the development and implementation of policy. It helps participating parties accelerate the application of green hydrogen in transport according to the ‘Covenant on Hydrogen in Mobility for the Province of Utrecht’.

Participating partners

In the consortium, the various partners covers the whole value chain:

  • Regional policy (Province of Utrecht), implementation of Covenant on Hydrogen in Mobility and knowledge sharing
  • Users of hydrogen-powered equipment and vehicles (Stamhuis Group, C. Van Heezik, Van den Heerik Logistics & Warehousing and contracting firm Jos Scholman)
  • Production and supply of green hydrogen (Hysolar)
  • Coordination, research (KWR)

In addition, ECUB (EnergieCollectief Utrechtse Bedrijven) is involved as a connector, motivator and inspirer. ECUB stimulates knowledge sharing by organising meetings. Almost 100 companies, governments, social organisations and knowledge institutions have signed the ‘Covenant on Hydrogen in Mobility for the Province of Utrecht’ to contribute to the realisation of green mobility in the region.

Innovam, a training institute for the automotive sector in Nieuwegein, will train mechanics working with hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Transfer of knowledge to other European member states

The transfer of knowledge to other EU countries is an essential component, including Bruges (Belgium) and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany). Next to technological transfer, LIFE NEW HYTS will also address the relationship between local authorities, stakeholders and the commercial sector.


LIFE NEW HYTS has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union. The European Union is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.