KWR participates in the review of the Drinking Water Directive

Meeting with European stakeholders

In collaboration with Ecorys and WUR/Alterra, KWR organised a stakeholder event in Brussels on Tuesday, 26 May 2015. The consultative meeting was part of a contract with the DG Environment of the European Commission in support of the Drinking Water Directive review process, in which KWR is involved.

Retrospective: contribution to safeguarding public health

The stakeholder event attracted about 90 people, including regulators from EU member states and representatives from industry, consumer organisations and the EC. The one-year project should clarify what the directive has achieved for drinking water at the European level, and how it has contributed to better protection of public health and to the quality of water in the member states; the latter is important primarily with regard to the perception of consumers and the confidence people have in their tap water.

Looking ahead: Drinking Water Directive and REFIT programme

Besides a retrospective look at the achievements, the project should also produce recommendations concerning the future evolution of the Drinking Water Directive. In this context, the EC’s REFIT programme is an important factor. The programme began under the new commission, led by Frans Timmermans. To cite the programme’s official description: ‘REFIT is the European Commission’s Regulatory Fitness and Performance programme. Action is taken to make EU law simpler and to reduce regulatory costs, thus contributing to a clear, stable and predictable regulatory framework supporting growth and jobs.’

KWR bouwt mee aan herziening Drinkwaterrichtlijn