Exploration of underground thermal energy storage in the Netherlands

WarmingUP organises webinar series about applicable knowledge for sustainable, collective heating systems

On 7 July, the WarmingUP collective organised the first episode in a series of webinars on applicable knowledge for sustainable, collective heating systems. After a brief introduction by programme director Frits Verheij, Marette Zwamborn (KWR) and Ivo Pothof (Deltares) presented the exploratory work on underground thermal energy storage in the Netherlands. The Innovative Sustainable Heating Collective WarmingUP is developing integrated solutions for the cost reduction and sustainability of heating networks.

Selection criteria for pilot projects

Information was shared about the selection of a pilot project from 21 quick scans. The selection addressed not only at technical and economic criteria but also legal and social considerations. The participants, partners and other parties interested in WarmingUP were given the opportunity in polls to say which selection criteria they considered important. In order to implement these criteria better, directly applicable knowledge is developed at the same time during the assessment of locations.

Map showing the potential of underground thermal energy storage in the Netherlands

Knowledge for informed decision-making

Potential maps help project developers, municipal authorities and other stakeholders to assess whether the subsurface of a location is suitable for large-scale thermal energy storage. The benefits and drawbacks of different ways of connecting thermal energy storage to the heating network have been discussed with developers. Comparisons of different locations make it increasingly clear which conditions ensure the optimal efficiency of underground thermal energy storage. This knowledge is essential for well-founded decision-making by investors and permit authorities.

Contribution to sustainable energy supplies

The aim of WarmingUP is to develop collective heating systems that are affordable, sustainable, reliable, feasible and socially acceptable. KWR is making a wide-ranging contribution to WarmingUP: as the leader of the subsurface thermal energy storage theme and by participating in research addressing the themes of geothermal energy and the social integration of sustainable heating networks. WarmingUP has also programmed a project for the collective drinking water study Water in the Circular Economy (WiCE), which focuses on thermal energy from drinking water (TED aka aquathermal energy).

The WiCE programme brings together drinking water companies, KWR and partners to work on challenges facing society. The link between WiCE and WarmingUP allows the drinking water sector to join this unique alliance and contribute to knowledge development and innovations for a sustainable energy supply.

Achter de schermen tijdens het webinar

A look behind the scenes at the webinar