Water Sector

A new attractive solution for climate adaptation in the city

The Urban Photosynthesis project has proven that it can be done: a blue-green roof that contributes to energy generation, biodiversity and water reuse. In discussion with those involved from all TKI mainstays – enterprise, government and research – a variety of facets are addressed. From a new attractive solution that actually makes an effective contribution, to shower water with a scent, a change for the installation branch and proud participants.

Key role for roofs

In cities roofs constitute the biggest unused building surface. True, more and more have solar panels installed on them. Or rooftop gardens. Stand-alone solutions aligned with the energy transition, climate adaptation, water issues or urban nature inclusivity. The brand-new Mannoury residential complex in Amsterdam – the test site for TKI Urban Photosynthesis project – demonstrates a threefold and-and solution: a blue-green roof with solar panels, and an integrated greywater treatment. Thus, in dry summers the cooling function is maintained without having to draw on drinking water. And if it does rain, then every raindrop is given a second life in the vegetation growth and is not lost in the sewer

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