Webinar series on water in the circular economy

Webinar ‘KNW Autumn Conference: Water in the circular economy’

Event details

Between 14 May and 17 December 2020, KWR will organise a series of webinars on water in the circular economy in collaboration with KNW Waternetwerk, Aqua Minerals, Energie- en Grondstoffenfabriek, Platform WOW and STOWA.

A circular economy focuses on the optimal use and re-use of raw materials. Some raw materials are at risk of becoming scarce due to the growth of the world population and increasing global prosperity. It is now probably more than ever the time to switch to a circular economy. And the water sector can play a role in furthering that switch. For example by recovering valuable raw materials during the production of drinking water and the treatment of waste water. Or by playing an important role in the production of sustainable energy and the use of treated residual water in times of drought. In short, there are countless opportunities. And fortunately, there are already many wonderful examples.

Seven webinars

The opportunities afforded by the circular economy for water will be the subject of seven webinars organised in the run-up to the KNW Autumn Conference (27 November 2020). After the conference, there will be a final webinar in which we look forward to the future together. Sign up for one or more webinars, ask your questions and join in. Let us work together on a circular future!

Dates and subjects

14 May 2020 – An introduction: water in the circular economy
4 June 2020 – Nutrients, valuable raw materials
25 June 2020 – Re-using water, a solution for drought?
3 September 2020 – Energy from water
24 September 2020 – Industry as an important chain partner
15 October 2020 – New raw materials
5 November 2020 – Governance and behaviour
27 November 2020 KNW Autumn Conference: Water in the circular economy
17 December 2020 – What’s next?


The webinars will be on Thursday afternoons from 16.00 – 17.00. You can register for the entire series but also sign up for separate webinars.

Registration form for the Water in the circular economy webinars