Water and Energy in the circular city

Event details

THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY WEEK will be held from 2 to 8 February. Activities related to the circular economy will be organised all over the Netherlands. KWR is organising a meeting within the framework of the WiCE programme.

Thinking and acting in circular terms is the way of the future. The scarcity of raw materials, climate change and the energy question are societal issues that tell us that things must change.

The municipality of Nieuwegein/KWR is one of the ‘hub locations’ where, on 5 February, you will be able to go to learn and see more about ‘Water and Energy in the circular city’.

During this afternoon we will acquaint you with:

  • Circular construction in downtown Nieuwegein.
  • The energy system in the neighbourhood of the future.
  • The Water Factory: water reuse.
  • Urban Waterbuffer: using surplus water in urban green spaces.
  • Water from Nieuwegein to Amsterdam?
  • And we’ll show you the solar-energy-hydrogen park in operation!


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Doors open at 12:30; programme starts at 13:00.


13:00 Start
Visiting KWR? Who are we?

  • Sustainability ambitions and developments in the municipality of Nieuwegein
    Marieke Schouten, Sustainability and Energy Transition councillor
  • City West circular, the circular downtown of the future?
    Wieger Apperloo, Project Leader, municipality of Nieuwegein
  • Value creation with water in the city
    Henk Jan van Alphen and Marcel Paalman, KWR
  • The Water Factory: Reuse of Water
    Ruud Bartholomeus, KWR

14:30 Break 

  • Water from Nieuwegein in Amsterdam! What’s happening nearby and farther away?
    André Struker, Waternet
  • Power-to-X: the energy and water system of the future and what does the future look like?
    Jos Boere, Allied Waters; Els van der Roest, KWR

Walk to the hydrogen and solar panel park at KWR/Waternet

17:00 Drinks reception