Quality assurance of scientific research and work method

Certainty about quality

KWR stands for top-quality, outstanding research. Our quality assurance is effected through the internal Scientific Council and the external Scientific Advisory Council. We work according to standardised codes of good governance and conduct, and our quality and environmental management is guaranteed through the appropriate certifications and accreditations.

Top-quality, outstanding research

At KWR it’s all about top-quality, outstanding research. We are a knowledge institution that aspires to being a leader, both in the Netherlands and internationally, in the quest for scientific solutions for global water challenges. To provide quality assurance, our research is evaluated by both internal and external experts.

Scientific Council

Our Scientific Council assures KWR’s research results and vision. The Scientific Council is made up of KWR’s Principal Scientists, each of whom is associated with a university. Each member is responsible for assuring the scientific results and vision in his or her area of specialisation. Together, the members define the KWR research vision, ensure its realisation in the organisation, and promote multi- and interdisciplinarity.

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Scientific Advisory Council

External specialists advise us on the content of our research programme, the connections with other fields of science and application, and the implementation and valorisation of knowledge. The members of the Scientific Advisory Council are all renowned specialists from pertinent areas of research, who have extensive knowledge of outstanding science, implementation and valorisation, and wide networks in (applied) scientific research. To complement the work of the Scientific Advisory Council, every five years we have a peer review carried out of our scientific activities by a commission of external, independent and renowned scientists.

Take a look at the Scientific Advisory Council.

Good governance and conduct, and client survey

To ensure the good, efficient and responsible leadership of our knowledge enterprise, KWR follows the relevant principles and best practice provisions of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. Moreover, we have an own code of conduct which governs the way our staff members relate with each other and with clients. Codes for scientific integrity, such those of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, the Association of Universities in the Netherlands, and All European Academies (ALLEA), are all integrated into the daily practice of our researchers.

In addition, an assessment of our performance within the framework of the joint water company research programme (BTO) is carried out by a commission in the name of BTO’s Board of Commissioners.

We also conduct a broad client-satisfaction survey every year.

Quality and environmental management

Our management systems are certified to ensure the careful management of the natural and environmental aspects of our research. At every step of our research, we factor in the interrelationship between the watercycle, nature and the environment. This is demonstrated by the following certifications and accreditations held by KWR: