How can one adapt effectively to the breathtaking pace of societal developments? How can we design resilient water cycles? What elements have an impact on water management? And what factors promote, or hold back, the necessary transformations? These are the questions we want to answer in the Society research programme, so as to help policy-makers, stakeholders and citizens collaborate in developing knowledge and shaping water-wise decision-making and policy.

Society onderwerpen

  • Stakeholder involvement and governance
    Society Society

    Stakeholder involvement and governance

    Stakeholder engagement is an effective means of connecting technical and social-governance issues. KWR has a great deal of knowledge and experience to share with the water sector in these areas. In various national and international projects, we study how governments, knowledge institutions, market players, community organisations and citizens shape the provision of…

  • Citizen science and public participation
    Society Society

    Citizen science and public participation

    Increased citizen engagement is confronting the water sector with steadily growing demands. A connection needs to be made between technology and social-governance issues. Thanks to KWR’s knowledge of and experience in citizen science and participation processes, water utilities and Water Authorities can respond to today’s demands of customers and citizens. This helps…

  • Valorisation
    Society Society


    Given the urgency of current water challenges, public authorities, utilities and industry feel a strong need to use the available knowledge in an effective and efficient way. Water organisations need a partner to support them in translating this knowledge to their own practice and to the societal context. KWR assists in the…