Dutch Water Sector Intelligence (DWSI)

The Dutch water sector is confronted with a continuously changing context. Some of the changes demand flexibility if they are to be responded to adequately. Furthermore, contextual changes also bring with them unexpected opportunities and threats. This all calls for a proactive stance. Decision-makers, agenda setters, developers and researchers have to have insight into the future: DWSI is the knowledge platform for this purpose.

Platform for futures studies

DWSI is the platform directed at futures research for and by the whole water sector. KWR conducts horizon scanning research and reports the results in trend alerts: concise descriptions of specific developments and their envisaged relevance to the Dutch water sector. Optimal response strategies are discussed in think-tank sessions with water sector strategists. Experts also address the think-tank sessions on relevant trends, and knowledge transfer takes place between the participants by means of social learning.

Building blocks for response strategies and strategic action

The translation of trends into opportunities and threats for the water sector is a collective process involving all DWSI members. In this way, DWSI provides the building blocks for response strategies and strategic action.