New Watershare member City of Cape Town starts with CFPD

Practical training, seminar and pilot

In November 2015, KWR welcomed the newest member of the Watershare family, the City of Cape Town (CCT), with a training and workshop on the Comparison of Flow Pattern Distributions (CFPD) method, which is implemented in Watershare’s Network Flow Performance tool. The CFPD method was developed by KWR to analyse flow data for drinking water networks in order to identify and quantify changes and interpret these in terms of population growth, leakage, water theft, etc.

Insight into CFPD

The sessions, in which approximately 12 CCT employees from different departments took part, aimed to provide the participants with an understanding of the method, and teach them how to use the tool and analyse CCT’s own flow data. In a special workshop, the interpretation of CFPD diagrams was fine-tuned to match local, South African circumstances.

Pilot in six areas

On the last day, the CFPD method, Watershare and the Showcase project were presented in a seminar to interested outside parties. The Showcase project includes the training itself and a CFPD pilot in six areas. This is a collaboration between Evides International’s Center of Expertise in South Africa, with partial funding (cocreateSA) from the Dutch consulate.