New BTO Water Matters Podcast

Conversations about research for the water sector

The Dutch water utilities, the Flemish De Watergroep and the branch association Vewin, together with KWR, carry out applied research for the water sector. This Joint Research Programme (BTO in its Dutch initials) offers a treasure of evidence-based, practice-oriented knowledge for the water utilities and their partners. The new Water Matters (Waterzaken) Podcast targets the water professional who wishes to delve more deeply into applied research on drinking water.

The collective development of knowledge is at the centre of the Joint Research Programme, and is also central to the Water Matters podcast series. During the conversations, Geertje Pronk (programme manager and researcher in the Joint Research Programme) and presenter Tim van der Mast discuss specific research projects in the programme with their guests from the water utilities.

The first three Water Matters podcast subjects are:

  • Methods for forecasting failure frequencies
  • Flushing and chlorination
  • Plastics in the water cycle

The focus is directed at scientific water questions to which the research for the water sector has found answers. Together with the water utility professionals and KWR experts, the podcast series highlights what the Joint Research Programme projects produce for water utility practice, and areas where the programme’s research can develop even more practice-oriented knowledge for application in the water sector.

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