Studio KWR Podcast: learn more about water

Easy answers to hard water questions

Is tap water as healthy as bottled water? How can water contribute to energy saving? Do dry summers have an effect on our drinking water? We answer these and other hard questions in the new Studio KWR Podcast.

At KWR we conduct research into water: drinking water, wastewater, surface water, water in the city and water for a circular economy. In each instalment, Studio KWR Podcast plunges into the world of top-quality water research. Hosts Els van der Roest and Tim van der Mast interview the water research institute’s scientists about their water research, including their latest discoveries of course.

The first podcasts are already online

A podcast is actually and on-demand radio programme, which you can find and listen to wherever and whenever you want by means of (free) apps. The first Studio KWR podcasts are already available via Soundcloud and Spotify, and will also become available in the future through iTunes. If you subscribe to the podcast, you’ll automatically receive a notification of every new instalment.

Submit questions

In each podcast Van der Roest and Van der Mast also call on listeners to submit questions. Do you have a fun, surprising or difficult water question? Then send it to under the heading ‘Studio KWR’.