KWR’s Joint Research Programme and Watershare share knowledge in international webinar series

In the coming months, KWR will organise a webinar series on ‘Sharing International Experiences on Water Supply’. During this series, international water experts will share their insights and participants will explore and discuss new perspectives and insights in the field of water management.

KWR is organising the webinar based on the vision that water issues are a shared responsibility. Together with water companies and knowledge institutes in the Joint Research Programme (BTO)  and Watershare community, there is a commitment to jointly finding solutions.

More sustainable water management

This collaboration and the interdisciplinary approach to water management across the water value chain is necessary to stimulate innovation. In this way, we can find new technologies and integrated solutions to improve and develop new processes, strategies and policies aimed for appropriate water management practices.

The webinar series offers the opportunity to share knowledge, expertise and experiences between the parties that are active in water management. In this way we can learn from each other and ensure more sustainable, productive and efficient water management in the future.

Water reuse, digitalisation in the water sector

On 18 November Louise Vanysacker (Researchand Development Manager at De Watergroep – Belgium) shared her experiences on water reuse and alternative sources. During the second webinar on December 16 – about digitalisation in the water sector – water experts will discuss cases from South West Water (England) and Aarhus Vand (Denmark).

Webinar #2 – 16 December 2021 – 14.00 – 15.00 CET
Digitalisation in the water sector
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