Jan Hofman strengthens KWR’s Industry, Wastewater and Reuse team

Jan Hofman has since 2015 been associated with the University of Bath but, last 1 September, he returned to KWR on a part-time basis as Principal Scientist in the Industry, Wastewater and Reuse team. He has strengthened the team with his broad expertise in water treatment, wastewater treatment and water quality, and is focusing on urban water management and water security. He is particularly active within the team in the development of innovative projects in the area of wastewater treatment and reuse.


Hofman is no stranger to KWR: before he left for Bath in 2015, he worked for many years at the institute as a drinking-water treatment expert. In 2008, he was among the initiators of KWR’s wastewater research and of the Wastewater and Reuse team, which later would fuse with the Industry team, to form today’s team which Hofman has now joined on a part-time basis.

University of Bath and WIRC

Hofman will continue as Professor of Water Science and Engineering at the University of Bath, and director of the Water Innovation and Research Centre (WIRC), which assembles all the university’s water-related research. The centre has about 50 academic researchers from various fields, ranging from technology to the social sciences. WIRC is a member of Watershare, where Hofman works with the City Blueprint and Water-Use-Info tools. Hofman is also the Bath contact person for NextGen, the European H2020 project.


In his professorship, Hofman conducts research into modelling of water quality and thermal energy in sewage systems, dynamic modelling and the development of methods to address emerging contaminants in rivers, and CFD modelling of aeration tanks in wastewater treatment. He also works with Prof. Kees van Leeuwen (KWR) on urban water management, and with Alexandros Makarigakis (UNESCO International Hydrology Programme) on issues in the area of water management and governance in sub-Saharan African cities.

Jan Hofman and Kees van Leeuwen in Bath.