Annual review 2019: ‘Connected to the world’

Our annual review of 2019 shows a productive year for KWR. On this page, we would like to take you on a guided tour of significant developments within our focus areas: from advanced purification to water reuse and hydroinformatics. From water in the circular economy to water issues for the industry. Highlights from the news outline a wide range of innovative and practice-oriented research for the water sector carried out by an ever-growing staff of experts. The increasing number of nationalities finding their way to our knowledge institute underlines KWR’s strong position in the international water sector. In the Annual Review 2019, you will discover who we are and what we mean for the water sector in words, images and figures. You can also read about how our work is reflected in numerous and varied publications in the Annual Review.

In his foreword, KWR director Dragan Savic looks ahead, arguing – among other things – that water themes should not only be solved technically but also from a broad social context. “In the past, technologies were often copied and applied elsewhere. That no longer works.” Not surprisingly, KWR is focusing more and more visibly on current sustainable development objectives. “It’s obvious that the Netherlands occupies a leading position in the international water sector. Our focus for the coming year is therefore clear: We must further connect our years of experience with water with the rest of the world”.