Workshop on Data Wrangling in R

Event details

Processing data with code in R has numerous advantages, for instance, when compared to Excel. The processing is reproduceable and reusable, and, since R is an open-source language, the code can also be shared with others. It is also a multi-faceted language with many visualisation and processing possibilities.

To introduce everybody to data processing in R, KWR is organising a ‘Data Wrangling’ workshop. The workshop will be given in Dutch, while the materials used will be in English.

Target group

The workshop is intended for colleagues in the water sector who want to start, or have just started, working in R. No experience is required.

What will you learn?

You will work on a sample code to reshape and process sample water-quality data, and to visualise them in a simple manner. You will also learn about ‘best coding practices’. As a result of the workshop, you will have knowledge of the basic principles of R and R studio, and you will have an annotated and working code which you can then build upon.


You can register HERE for the workshop. There will be room for 12 people at each workshop.