KIWK theme meeting: from knowledge to impulse! Part 1. ‘Compounds, environment & health’

Event details

The Water Quality Knowledge Impulse (KIWK), in the lead-up to the closing symposium, is organising three online theme meetings on water quality. Through these meetings you will learn more about the knowledge, insights and tools which, within the Water Quality Knowledge Impulse, have been developed, unlocked, and made implementable for water-quality management practice. This allows managers and policy-makers to base their policy and decisions on the most up-to-date knowledge and means. Applied knowledge thus provides an impulse for the improvement of water quality. On 21 April we will be discussing ‘compounds, environment & health’.


Water managers face increasing difficulty in keeping our waters free of compounds that present a risk to the environment and our health. The KIWK translates new and existing knowledge into applicable insights and tools for implementation in practice. On Thursday, 21 April 2022, scientists and Water Authority experts will address what is at stake and what is possible in the area of compounds, environment & health. The online meeting will be led by Marielle van der Zouwen, manager of the Sustainability & Transitions Research Group at KWR.

The webinar’s (provisional) speakers are:

  • Joep van de Broeke (Chain Explorer microplastics, biocides and consumer products, KWR)
  • Simon Buijs (Project Manager Plant Protection Products, Deltares)
  • Wim van der Hulst (Aa and Maas Water Authority)
  • Stefan Kools (Project Manager Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, KWR)
  • Leo Posthuma (Project Manager Toxicity, RIVM)

For whom?

This webinar series will be of particular interest to managers and policy-makers.

Next meetings

The next (online) theme meetings will be held on 17 May and 16 June, always from 10 to 11:30. Each meeting can also be followed separately. You can register for them above.