Toxic arsenic (compounds) in the soil and water present health risks worldwide for 220 million people. KWR is participating in the European AgriAs project that aims to acquire reliable data about the presence of and exposure to arsenic (As), and to develop tools to address this problem. Within AgriAs, KWR is developing and testing effective, innovative methods to purify water and remediate the soil, with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) of Sweden as its main partner.

AgriAs provides solutions for As in agricultural soil and water

Arsenic (As) and its compounds are toxic and ubiquitous in the environment. It has been estimated that over 220 million people are exposed to As through their drinking water or food. Arsenic in agricultural soils and water, and its entering into the food chain, can present a risk to human health, since arsenic can accumulate in plants.

Reliable data and tools for assessment and remediation

The recently granted European Water JPI Project ‘Evaluation and management of arsenic contamination in agricultural soil and water (AgriAs)’ will provide reliable data on the existing risks of arsenic exposure through agriculture, a complete summary of existing tools available for arsenic remediation, and an array of tools for ecotoxicity and bioavailabilty assessment. The Coordinator of AgriAs is the Geological Survey of Finland (Finland). Project partners are KTH (Sweden), University of Oulu (Finland), G.E.O.S. (Germany), LEB (France) and BRGM (France).

KWR develops and tests for water purification and soil remediation

Based on the extensive track record of arsenic research in recent years, KWR will contribute to AgriAs by developing and testing the most effective and innovative methods for water purification and soil remediation. KWR will collaborate with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH, Sweden) in setting up the experimental plans, methodologies and interpretation of results.

A cohesive framework for management of As

KWR will support KTH in developing a cohesive framework for the management of As in agricultural soils.