Pilot research

Design, building and operation of pilot installations for the urban watercycle

Pilot research is an important component of our work: it reveals, following the laboratory phase, where possible problems still exist and how we can best solve them. Special installations are often needed to conduct pilot research in the urban watercycle. KWR designs and builds such installations. We then carry out the pilot research in our test facility or onsite.

Pilot research to scale-up laboratory tests

KWR is all about connecting research to application in the urban watercycle. Pilot research – in which laboratory tests are scaled-up from litres per hour to cubic metres per hour – is therefore an important component of our work: it reveals where possible problems still exist and how we can best solve them. We conduct pilot research in our own test facility or onsite, at a water company or WWTP for example. Instances would be research into treatment processes, energy recovery from (waste) water, water distribution networks and microbial cleaning in the aftermath of emergencies.

Building test installations

Pilot research in the urban watercycle frequently requires special installations which are not for sale off-the-shelf. In our well equipped workplace, our experienced technicians translate the needs of clients and researchers into technical designs. We produce the technical drawings for both the mechanical design and the electrical systems, and build the complete installation with all the necessary materials, such as metal, plastic and glass. We then test the installation, working closely with researchers and making any adjustments needed.