Water Sector

Loet Rosenthal: KWR’s new Manager, Water Quality & Health

As of 1 May, Loet Rosenthal succeeds Idsart Dijkstra as the manager of KWR’s Water Quality & Health Research Group . Up until now, Rosenthal was Drinking Water Sector Manager at PWN and Director of the Watertransportmaatschappij Rijn-Kennemerland. His arrival signals KWR’s ambition to be closely associated with the societal tasks of our Dutch and Flemish shareholders.

In Rosenthal, KWR gains an experienced manager who has won his spurs, from water source to tap, in public water sector collaborations. For instance, over the last few years at PWN he was responsible for environmental management, the Intergovernmental Agreement on the Water-Chain, and the managerial cooperation with Waterboard Hollands Noorderkwartier. He was also responsible for commissioning the Andijk III plant. Moreover, as a member of the Coordinating Consultation Committee, Rosenthal has been closely involved in the substantive development and course of the joint research programme for the water companies (BTO).

At KWR, besides his managerial tasks, Rosenthal will focus on extending the international research activities in the field of public health. This assignment stems from our status as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Water Quality and Health. As of 1 May, Idsart Dijkstra becomes the new manager of the Water Systems and Technology Research Group, where he replaces Jos Boere, who takes on the position of Director of Allied Waters on the same day.