KWR and municipal government of Guadalajara signed letter of intent to implement the Water Reconversion Program and Municipal Infrastructure

Currently, KWR carries out administrative and regulatory actions to support implementing the Program for Water Reconversion and Use of Municipal Infrastructure in Guadalajara. The project will allow the renovation and modernization of the service infrastructure, providing significant benefits for the city and its inhabitants.

The letter of intent aims to promote the investment conditions for the creation of underground services infrastructure for the municipality. The use of the infrastructure will generate income for the city from public and private companies, such as Water Agency (SIAPA), CFE, gas companies and telecommunication services.

The following parties have signed the letter of intent:

  • Mtro Regidor Luis Cisneros Quirarte Presidente de la comisión Edilicia de Obras públicas, Planeación  Para el desarrollo Urbano y Movilidad, Ayuntamiento de Guadalajara
  • Lic . Raul Mejorada Gonzalez, Director General de Hídrica 21
  • C.(Kees) Roest, PhD BSc Project Manager, KWR Research lnstitute

The project will create the following benefits for the municipality of Guadalajara:

  • Improve the citizens’ living standard:  thanks to better infrastructure, citizens will experience a more reliable delivery of water, natural gas, electricity and telecommunications (especially to the most disadvantaged families).
  • Increase the income of the municipality and strengthen its finances.
  • Generate investment and employment in the municipality.
  • Promote tourism through a significant urban improvement.
  • Reduce the risk of illnesses due to poor water quality and deaths due to electrocution, gas poisoning, or explosion.
  • Reduce the production of greenhouse gases in the municipality and contribute to a positive ecological footprint.