IWA conference on resource recovery focuses on renewable energy, clean water and food issues

Ten submissions for the 2nd IWA Best Practices on Resource Recovery Award

Between 5 and 9 of August, the second international IWA conference on resource recovery takes place in New York City. The conference focuses on facilitating solutions to provide the most vulnerable populations on the planet with renewable energy, clean water and food. KWR researchers Tessa van den Brand, Kees Roest and Arslan Ahmad will be addressing these themes in their presentations. The conference also offers a podium for the presentation of the second Best Practices on Resource Recovery Award, a prize that is jointly sponsored by IWA and Watershare.

The watercycle as a source of raw materials, energy and water

Resource recovery plays a key role in the circular economy and also within KWR’s research. Both drinking water production and wastewater treatment are receiving growing attention with regard to the recovery and valorisation of energy, raw materials and water. Tessa van den Brand will be addressing the conference about the environmental benefits that can be gained from the production of flocculants from the iron sludge that is generated in drinking water production. She has carried out a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) on the procedure. Arslan Ahmad’s presentation is directed at the useful application of iron pellets (also produced from drinking water sludge) for the removal of arsenic from drinking water sources. Kees Roest will be talking about the Power-to-Protein concept, in which nitrogen (ammonium) and carbon dioxide from the wastewater cycle are converted into microbial protein: a challenging project that offers a possible solution to the future world food shortage problem.

Presentation of the IWA Award jointly with Watershare

Two years ago, AquaMinerals (NL) was presented with the first award at the conference in Ghent, for the valorisation and application of calcite pellets without a sand nucleus (100% calcite), which are formed in drinking water softening processes. This year, a total of ten new submissions from no less than seven countries are competing for the second award. The winner will be announced on Monday afternoon, 7 August. The prize is sponsored jointly by IWA and Watershare, an international network of knowledge institutes that brings together knowledge and expertise in the form of Communities of Practice (CoPs). One of Watershare’s CoPs is dedicated to Resource Recovery and Upcyling.