Dunes, coastal aquifers and artificial recharge: towards a new balance?

Farewell symposium with reception for Prof. Pieter J. Stuyfzand

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  • Date
    29 Nov 2019
  • Time
    13:00 – 20:00
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This is a farewell for Pieter Stuyfzand from both KWR and Delft University of Technology, but not with regard to his professional input. The festive meeting will be presided by Jan Willem Kooiman (KWR).

Doors open: 12:45
Symposium: 13:15-17:00
Reception, including ‘Looking back over 40 years’ by Pieter himself: 17:00-19:45

Farewell symposium afternoon (13:15-17:00)
Over the last 40 years, Pieter’s work has concentrated mainly on: dunes, coastal aquifers and artificial recharge.

The symposium’s speakers will be:

  • Koen Zuurbier (PWN, previously KWR): New water anchors along the Dutch coast.
  • Prof. Kristine Walraevens (Univ. Gent): Hydrochemical research into coastal aquifers worldwide, and in Belgium.
  • Prof. Theo Olsthoorn (Emeritus TUDelft): The intricacies of fresh-saline modelling, and other matters.
  • Vincent Post (BGR Hannover): Fresh and saline groundwater in coastal areas: Is there actually a balance?
  • Roelof Stuurman (Deltares): Groundwater stress and geo-blunders along world oceans.
  • Closing presentation by Prof. Pieter Stuyfzand (KWR, TUD): Dutch dunes, a testbed for the world.

During the symposium a few KWR and TU Delft colleagues will be making pitches.

Farewell reception (17:00-19:45)
A farewell reception will be held, starting around 17:00. At some point during the reception, Pieter himself will add extra lustre to the gathering: ‘From 1980 to 2020, 40 years Kiwa/KWR, 16 years VU/TUD’.