Subsurface water storage without health risks

Andreas Antoniou doctorate

On 29 April 2015, Andreas Antoniou was awarded his doctorate from VU University Amsterdam for his research into the subsurface storage of drinking water without risks to health. He did his research work at KWR within the water sector’s joint research programme.

Water-quality measurements and changes

Antoniou’s work included using water quality measurements taken in a ten-year Aquifer Storage & Recovery (ASR) pilot project in Herten (Limburg), and the identification and quantification of water quality changes. At this site, hypoxic drinking water was injected into an anoxic aquifer and later recovered to meet peak-period demand. The pilot site was representative of many other sites where ASR is being implemented. The knowledge developed in part by Antoniou contributed, for instance, to the recent subsurface freshwater storage pilot for horticulturalists.

Unique ASR column tests

Antoniou also carried out column tests in KWR’s laboratory on the water quality changes in different types of ASR systems. The use of column tests for ASR was unique, never having been done before – Antoniou was complimented for this during his degree ceremony. What was significant is that he was able to show that problems related to manganese in ASR systems can be prevented.

vlnr.: Andreas Antoniou en Pieter Stuyfzand

Andreas Antoniou and Pieter Stuyfzand