Preventing and controlling emissions in greenhouse cultivation 2

This project is a re-launch of the earlier ‘Preventing and controlling emissions in greenhouse cultivation’ project. In the present project, knowledge will be further developed on optimising the reuse of drain water in substrate cultivation; this will occur within three work packages:

  • Work Package 1: Cultivation with the allowance of more sodium II
  • Work Package 2: Impact of filtration
  • Work Package 3: Impact of added products on water quality

TKI Water Technology in involved in Work Package 2.

Work Package 2: Impact of filtration

Filtration is an important tool in influencing the water quality in recirculating cultivation systems. The removal of solids can for instance prevent obstructions in drippers and sprinklers. Moreover, the operation of other water treatment units is also improved. In completely closed cultivation systems, filtration must in any event ensure the effective removal of undissolved solids; the choice of finer post-filtration means that suspended and dissolved solids can also be removed, without the necessity of discharging the filter backwash water. Filtration also has an impact on added plant-resistance booster products, such as plant strengtheners and microbial preparations; when applied in the wrong place, all added substances are removed from the system, before being able to have an impact.

Work Package 2 involves measuring water quality, at three moments over the course of the year, at different points in the cultivation system at a large number of companies. This includes measurements of the number of particles, particle-size distribution, UV transmission, redox values, EC, pH, nutrients and total organic carbon (TOC). The measurements will provide the basis for the design of a filtration system, which will be tested and fine-tuned on a pilot scale. A step will then be taken toward practice, with a view to implementing a filtration system, monitoring the effects and demonstrating the filtration. Visiting opportunities will be organised for these demonstrations.

This project is financed by: KIJK io/Glastuinbouw Nederland (WP1 and WP3), Horticulture & Propagation Materials and Water Technology Top Sectors (WP2),  Elektravon/Haket (WP1), YARA (WP1), Priva Horticulture BV (WP2), UVAR Holland BV (WP2), Fiber Filtration (WP2), STOWA (incentive financing for limiting greenhouse horticulture emissions) (WP2), Moor Filtertechniek (WP2), Hortispeed (WP2), Agrozone BV (WP3), other private parties (WP3) and LNV (all Work Packages). This is a project under the rubric PPP Waterproof Greenhouse Horticulture of the Horticulture & Propagation Materials Top Sector.