Science meets Practice in Delft

Industry Water Network Group visits TU Delft’s Industry Water group

On 12 September TU Delft was once again the venue for the (eighteenth) meeting of the Industry Water Network Group, a platform maintained by KWR. In the afternoon session several PhD and Master’s students made short pitches for their innovative research in the field of industry water. The occasion provided a nice bridge between science and practice.

TU Delft Industry Water group

The Industry Water group, which is led by Henri Spanjers, is part of the Water Management Department of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at TU Delft. After a short introduction on the group’s activities by Spanjers, a number of interesting subjects were reviewed, such as absorption-desalination using low-grade heat, degradation of phenolic wastewater in an anaerobic MBR, ion-separation in ion-exchange regenerant using double NF, ammonium recovery with bipolar electrodialysis, and the corrosion behaviour of steel in slightly alkaline cooling water. The common thread of all the pitches was the students’ great enthusiasm for their Master’s or PhD subjects.

KWR Industry Water Network Group

Through the Industry Water Network Group, KWR’s Industry, Wastewater & Reuse team provides industrial partners with a platform in which they can make and maintain contacts, and share and transfer knowledge.

The Industry Water Network Group consists of companies in the (petro)chemical sector, the food sector as well as energy and utility providers. Participation is open to all industrial end-users, but also energy and utility providers. New participants from the (chemical) sector and utilities are always welcome!