Large number of specialised articles and joint reports by KWR authors in 2017

In 2017 KWR researchers published a record number of specialised articles. A large number of reports were also published jointly with other parties. Publications are important for a research institute like KWR, since they ensure that the results of our scientific research are disseminated.

Rising number of articles and citations

Every year we publish a large number of articles: scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, and articles in trade media. In 2017, KWR authors wrote 82 peer-reviewed articles, equalling the number for 2016. On the other hand, the number of specialised articles rose sharply: from 71 in 2016 to 102 in 2017. ‘With the specialised articles we communicate our knowledge to water practice,’ says Gertjan Medema, KWR’s Chief Science Officer. ‘In 2017 we were very successful in this.’

Since the number of scientific articles by KWR is growing steadily, the number of times that these publications are cited by others also increases every year. In 2016 we counted 3018 citations, while the 2017 total was 3275.

Collaborating in research consortia

Besides articles, we also produce a large number of reports every year: within the joint research for the water companies, but also outside of this programme, and for and with numerous other clients and collaboration partners. This last category in particular grew in 2017: we produced 40 joint reports. ‘We increasingly work and publish collaboratively within big research consortia,’ says Medema. ‘Our knowledge becomes part of a larger whole and thus has greater impact.’

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