KWR with ReCirc Singapore present at the Singapore International Water Week

ReCirc Singapore aims at joint development of resource recovery technology for circular economy

The Dutch water sector was present with about 150 persons at the Singapore International Water Week, the World Cities Summit and the Clean Enviro Summit Singapore. As partner of ReCirc Singapore, KWR was also present at this important water event. ReCirc connects the partners in the exploration and realization of circular solutions in the field of sludge and waste processing and resource recovery solutions, both in Singapore and the Netherlands. There are many similarities between Singapore and the Netherlands: both countries have limited natural resources, limited land space, are densely built, and are facing an ageing population which puts pressure on productivity. These similarities can be benefited by working together, exchanging knowledge and jointly exploring new markets and solutions.

ReCirc Singapore for zero waste nation and circular economy

There was a lot of interest for ReCirc Singapore during the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) and CleanEnviro Summit Singapore 2018 with booths at the exhibition floors, seminars about the circular economy (organized by the Dutch Embassy) and a ReCirc workshop with over 50 participants.

Singapore wants to become a zero waste nation and aims to recycle 70 percent of its waste by 2030. The Netherlands aims at a fully circular economy by 2050. Two huge ambitions that cannot be achieved by simply programming and financing a number of measures. A new systematic approach is needed. This was the main topic discussed at the workshops organized by the public-private consortium ReCirc during and after the Singapore International Water Week and CleanEnviro Summit Singapore.

KWR and ReCirc Singapore

Participants in the ReCirc Consortium are water utility Waternet, national public work authority Rijkswaterstaat, companies Witteveen+Bos, Nijhuis Industries, Inashco, Paques, CirTec, Asia Pacific Breweries, Heineken, Organic Village and Upp! UpCycling Plastic. Research institutes that participate are AMS institute with Delft University of Technology & WUR and KWR.

The circular economy is an important theme for KWR, including in the new WiCE program (water in the circular economy), and in the TKI Water Technology research. KWR is also founding father of Watershare, an international network that brings together knowledge and expertise in Communities of Practice (CoPs), containing a CoP Resource Recovery & Upcycling. ReCirc Singapore fits well with the above activities and with this the link with Singapore can be further tightened with, among other things, knowledge exchange and research.

ReCirc Workshop2
2018-07-13 ReCirc Workshop1
ReCirc Workshop2
2018-07-13 ReCirc Workshop1