IMPETUS: European action for climate adaptation

Regional inventory: share your knowledge and experiences with us

KWR is involved as a project partner in the H2020 project IMPETUS, which was launched recently. The aim of IMPETUS is to help achieve objectives from the European Green Deal. The project also provides the Dutch water sector with tools to help with climate adaptation measures.

IMPETUS targets the acceleration of the European strategy to become climate adaptive and to advance innovative ideas in the field of climate adaptation. The project focuses on seven demonstration sites in different biogeographical regions in Europe. Examples of these regions are Berlin-Brandenburg in Germany, the Spanish Catalan coast, the Attica region in Greece, and Zeeland and Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Flood risks, heat stress

In collaboration with the water management consultant Nelen & Schuurmans, and Water & Energy Intelligence, KWR is responsible for running the demonstration project in the Zeeland and Rijnmond/Rotterdam region, with the primary emphasis being on flood risks, heat stress and the related impacts on critical infrastructure. We will also be looking at how these risks can be taken into consideration in spatial planning and the determination of climate adaptive measures in the region.

Drinking water companies

KWR is now taking stock of how organisations from a range of sectors (drinking water, industry, agriculture, water management etc.) cope with flood and heat risks, and the challenges and opportunities in this respect. We are interested in experiences from the drinking water sector, both in the Zeeland and Rijnmond/Rotterdam region but also from elsewhere. If you are interested in participating, please let us know and we will get in touch.

Regional inventory: share your knowledge and experiences

The climate challenges call for intelligent solutions. Together with the other project partners, we invite citizens, researchers, environmental groups, industries, and other stakeholders in the Rijnmond and Zeeland regions to share their knowledge, experiences, concerns, and ideas. For this regional inventory, we have prepared the following questionnaire.

We invite anyone interested in or knowledgeable about climate change and its local impacts to help us by filling out the questionnaire in English, or the questionnaire in Dutch.