Working on a solid story

Symposium on sources and water systems

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Over the last five years, within the joint research programme for the water companies (BTO), the Sustainable Sources and Water Systems theme group has created knowledge, tools and partnerships that are vital to a robust freshwater supply in a changing environment. Research has been carried out into an exciting mix of hydrological ‘pure-science’ subjects and ‘social-science’ environmental issues. The collected knowledge and expertise contribute to a solid, scientifically-grounded story which is needed for the sustainable use of (drinking) water sources.

For stakeholders within and outside the (drinking) water sector

This BTO theme group is characterised by its broad approach, which includes numerous collaborations both within and outside the water distribution sector. The symposium is thus directed at hydrologists, ecologists, environmental managers and policy officers in drinking water companies, as well as at other stakeholders, such as waterboards, agricultural and nature organisations, and provinces. Together, they will participate in a very diverse and interactive programme and cover subjects like pesticides in drinking water sources, water storage and water reuse, tracing (ground)water, geothermal energy, measuring evapotranspiration, area planning processes, and the Agriculture and Nature Water Indicators.