Symposium ‘Excellent water quality in the watercycle’

Event details

Good water quality is extremely important for an ecologically healthy water system. Despite the fact that the water quality in the Netherlands has improved over the last few years, the country faces a big challenge in meeting the requirements of the Water Framework Directive. An added aspect is that each sector requires a specific water quality: the requirements imposed on drinking water are not the same as those for process water for industry or for irrigation water for horticulture. Innovative research is being conducted in each stage of the watercycle on the measurement, adaptation and optimisation of the water quality. If you’d like to know what this can mean for you, come to the ‘Excellent water quality in the watercycle’ symposium.

The symposium is being organised by KWR during the Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs in Gorinchem. Joint knowledge development – the collaboration between researchers and knowledge users – and its outcomes will be centre-stage. How can we get a better understanding of the substances that end up in the water system? How can we assess and remove these substances? And in which part of the watercycle can we take effective measures? Speakers will discuss examples taken from the different sectors.


The ‘Excellent water quality in the watercycle’ symposium will be held on Tuesday, 13 March, at 13:00-15:00, in the Evenementenhal Gorinchem (meeting hall 1). Take a look at the complete programme and register directly. You can visit the Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs for free before or after the symposium; among the stands you’ll find KWR’s stand on the theme excellent water quality (stand H.111).