Water Sector

Year Review 2016: ‘Not without reason.’

You will find our Year Review 2016 on our website. It includes facts and figures, an overview of the most important news in 2016 and, of course, all the experts involved. You will read that we have a new international shareholder; that the Watershare network just keeps on growing; and that we are working in Allied Waters with the business community on the large-scale application of subsurface solutions for a robust freshwater provision in low-lying areas of the Netherlands.

For KWR’s CEO Wim van Vierssen, ‘science – certainly in times of great uncertainty – is pre-eminently equipped to distinguish between fact and fiction, and to help the political sphere and society as a whole solve complex problems. Given the scale of a number of the special complex problems that have arisen, the world cannot do without the commitment and brainpower of the international scientific community. Solid scientific foundations are vital as is mutual solidarity between science and society. This demands involvement, commitment and a willingness to cooperate from both sides. As KWR, we accordingly became even more embedded in society in 2016.’

See how we did this in our Year Review 2016.