Year Review 2016

Replicating Dutch solutions with Allied Waters

In 2016 we collaborated in the COASTAR (COastal Aquifer STorage And Recovery) programme, which aims at a large-scale application of subsurface techniques to contribute to a robust and sustainable freshwater provision and drought control in coastal areas, both within and outside of the Netherlands. COASTAR is an initiative of the Salutions Collab of Allied Waters, an international public-private partnership in which KWR acts as a knowledge partner in the translation of science for the water sector market. In mid-2016 we produced a report on the utility and need, as well as the technical and financial-economic feasibility, of large-scale subsurface solutions for a robust freshwater provision in low-lying areas of the Netherlands. We then started developing a detailed regional plan within a master plan, which aims at ensuring water self-sufficiency for the region of The Hague-Westland-Rotterdam.