Over 2300 publications available online at KWR

Renewed KWR online library with over 2300 freely-accessible publications

KWR’s renewed online library has recently been opened to public access. The first version of the library was put online in 2016 and has since grown into a database of over 2300 freely-accessible publications. The renewed version has an improved search and filter function and offers faster and easier use. You can access the library at:

The importance of public knowledge

With its online library, KWR aims to make the knowledge it has built up publicly accessible whenever possible. Sharing the results of scientific research promotes science and contributes to the dissemination of knowledge. The publication offering dates back to 1943 and consists, for the most part, of reports, trade journal articles, scientific (peer-reviewed) papers and newspaper articles. The user can use the search function or search through filters, by author, subject or year for instance. Most of the publications can be downloaded immediately. Because peer-reviewed papers are typically subject to the publisher’s copyright, only their abstracts are publicly available; the complete papers can be ordered from the publisher. The cited peer-reviewed papers are accompanied with information, showing how often they have been cited and by whom.

Saving publications for later

The renewed ‘Bookmark’ function allows users to save publications in their ‘own library’. Logging in is easy with a Google e-mail address, or via a Twitter or Facebook account.

The online library is also equipped with an extensive RSS function. This allows the user to be kept up to date on newly uploaded publications without having to visit the website. This function can be filtered by year, expertise or even by expert. The messages are then sent to the users using a tool they themselves find most convenient, such as Outlook or InoReader.

Links with other libraries

Besides the link with the KWR website, there is also an exchange with the Hydrotheek of Wageningen University & Research. Whenever a search conducted in KWR’s online library produces less than five results, the library automatically offers to conduct the search in the Hydrotheek as well.