Year Review 2016

New Watershare member: Victoria, Mexico

Victoria Director Raúl Mejorada González and KWR CEO Wim van Vierssen have signed the Watershare membership agreement. With its Silver membership Victoria again strengthens its ten-year-old ties with KWR (dating from when KWR was Kiwa). ‘We look forward to collaborating with Victoria, sharing knowledge and the application of the Watershare tools,’ says Van Vierssen.

Watershare membership

Raúl Mejorada González explains: ‘We have become a member of Watershare because we would like to apply Dutch knowledge and experience in Mexico – for instance in the areas of self-cleaning networks and leakage reduction. The optimisation of groundwater abstraction and well maintenance/management are also among the expertises that Victoria can use in Mexico.’


Victoria, whose full name is Mexicana General de Bombeo S.A. de C.V-Victoria, is headquartered in Guadalajara (state of Jalisco), which has a population of over 5 million and is the country’s second largest city. Victoria is a private company in the water supply business. Its activities span from equipment manufacturing to complete engineering implementation and operation management, ranging from single buildings to complete residential developments and municipal utilities with a mission to introduce and manage most efficient technologies applicable. Learn more about Victoria.