Nutrient Platform members’ meeting at KWR on 7 December 2017

The Nutrient Platform members’ meeting is held three times per year at one of the 35 members’ premises. On the afternoon of Thursday 7 December 2017 the members met at KWR in Nieuwegein.

The members of the Nutrient Platform reviewed the last year but the emphasis was on the future. ‘Different nutrients’ (other than phosphate) were a topic of conversation, such as those in the Recovery of metals from water, sludge and fly ash TKI project for example. This TKI project is being undertaken by KWR as part of a large consortium of partners from the entire water chain and sludge processing sector. In addition to phosphate, there is also potential for the recovery of other elements. This was further discussed in presentations and in small groups during a brief workshop. The afternoon concluded with a guided tour of the KWR premises and a get-together.

Applying recovered nutrients.