KWR present at Aqua NL Vakbeurs

Water availability: Sufficient water of the right quality, where and when it is needed

It’s finally possible! The Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs trade fair will again be held this year, following a two-year necessary corona break, on 15, 16 and 17 March. We greatly look forward to being able to meet our water sector friends face-to-face once again. The theme of KWR’s stand (D.209) is ‘water availability’: sufficient water of the right quality, where and when it is needed. KWR experts at the stand will be happy to talk with you. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise they are able to connect applied scientific and innovative research with the clients’ operational practice.

The trade fair in Gorinchem offers a unique opportunity to learn up-close about the latest innovations and knowledge in the fields of water quality, water management and water technology. KWR generates this knowledge, which allows public authorities, and the water, industrial and agricultural sectors to deal with the water supply in a sustainable and efficient manner. At KWR we feel a professional and societal responsibility for the quality of water, and for its availability in the right amount at any time. Our scientific and practical findings, and the resulting innovative concepts, contribute to a sustainable availability of water worldwide. Our research is meaningful because the results and solutions dovetail with the operational questions faced by our clients.

Current themes

The KWR stand shows the multifaceted nature of water availability on the basis of four current themes. Solutions for each water issue are formed by matching the desired water quality, water quantity, place and time. The four themes are inextricably intertwined. We illustrate each theme through model projects and by means of interactive tasks for visitors.

  1. Water of the right quality – KWR develops knowledge, techniques and management measures to comply as optimally as possible with the requirements established for different water sources and products. Examples include the tracing and tackling of antimicrobial resistance, the control of salinisation and the tracing of legionella bacteria in water systems. We work both on methods to determine the water quality (analyses) and on methods to influence or change the quality.
  2. Water in sufficient quantity – For a good balance between water demand and water supply, KWR develops smart solutions for subsurface water storage which are tested in case studies. We also participate in projects directed at innovations in which urban cooling, circular resources and rainwater reuse are central.
  3. Water at the right time – For a responsible use, replenishment and reuse of freshwater, KWR is actively working on multiple practical applications. For example, the reuse of residual water from a brewery to improve the soil moisture content at a neighbouring agricultural enterprise, so that the released water can be directly recycled in a useful application. In other cases, demand and supply can be matched through the implementation of subsurface water storage.
  4. Water at the desired place – Many water issues concern getting water to where it is needed. For this, a properly functioning water distribution system is vital. Our experts develop software which gives hydraulic specialists access to complex optimisation techniques. Another example is our work on the local water cycle in the city, in which water delivery, discharge and retention need to be brought into balance. Such complex issues demand that the viewpoints of several stakeholders be taken into account in the end result.

Will you also be visiting the KWR stand?

KWR is happy to welcome everyone to its stand. We are curious about the water conservation questions that you and your organisation are busy with. You will receive a free entry ticket to the Aqua NL Vakbeurs when you register via this link.