KWR gives presentation about optimal use of subsurface space

@12the IEA Heat Pump conference

An unexpected start

The conference venue was the world trade center in Rotterdam, which is a stone’s throw away from the city hall, where Monday morning the honoring of Feyenoord took place. I intended to visit a workshop that same afternoon, but through an NL-alert I was summoned not to come to Rotterdam because of the large crowds at the Coolsingel. So that caused me to miss the first day at the conference. Of course I’m very happy for the people of Rotterdam to finally win the national championship again since 18 years!

Ground source Heat pumps are HOT

The sessions on heat pumps connected to ground sources were scheduled for Thursday. No drunk soccer hooligans at the Coolsingel that day, so without any alerts or delays I managed to arrive at the conference venue on time for my presentation, which was received well. People from other countries think we have a luxury problem, with too much required ATES space then available. Additional to our concept, IF presented a concept on district ATES to optimize efficient use of subsurface space.

Also, my colleague Vahab Rostampour presented our analytical  simulation framework of an ATES system to be used in different (e.g. distributed, centralized) control settings for ATES.