KWR again WHO Collaborating Center Water Quality & Health

WHO has again designated KWR as a Collaborating Centre on Water Quality and Health. Over the next four years, KWR will be working with WHO on microbial and chemical water-quality guidelines for drinking water, recreational water and water reuse; on containing the development of antibiotic-resistance in the environment; and on the quality assessment of Household Water Treatment Systems and rapid microbial analytical methods.

KWR has been a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre (CC) on Water Quality and Health since its designation in 2013. CCs are institutes which, within the framework of long-term collaborations, help WHO carry out its work and achieve its goals. Through these collaborations, WHO gains access to the best institutions all over the world and the institutional capacity required to accomplish its work. Worldwide, the 15 CCs in the field of water and sanitation collect data for WHO reports, organise meetings or develop guidelines. WHO works with knowledge institutes like KWR because it frequently needs specialised advice. On the basis of more than 40 years’ research into water quality and health KWR has a great deal of in-house expertise.