Year Review 2018: ‘Our Path Ahead’

You’ll find our Year Review 2018 on our website. It includes recent facts and figures, an overview of the most important news in 2018 and, of course, of all the experts involved. Our Principal Scientists will take you on some important research topics, including hydroinformatics. You will read that KWR is growing, not only in the number of staff members but also in the number of nationalities. And that our scientific quality and valorisation have been evaluated.

In his foreword, KWR’s CEO Dragan Savic says about the Peer Review Committee: ‘They commented positively on our transition from a focus on drinking water to one on the broader urban water cycle, and concluded that “KWR is a unique institute of its kind” whose “scientific level is assessed as very high”. This gratifying recognition brings with it a responsibility to not only maintain, but indeed to enhance our understanding of the urban water cycle on various spatial and temporal scales. This is particularly important at a time when the whole world is experiencing the observable environmental impact of global climate change.’

The joint research for water companies, the Joint Research Programme (BTO), plays an important role in this, according to Savic. ‘The current Joint Research Programme promises to be the most exciting one to-date. In this we focus on the shift to a circular economy model within the water sector. That is also about means of achieving the so-called “digital water” transformation. Hydroinformatics science and tools are important here.

If you’d like to have a look at our last year, check out our Year Review 2018!