Innovations at centre-stage of Waterevent

5 October 2017, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) Greenhouse Horticulture, Bleiswijk

More than 150 visitors attended the annual Waterevent at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) Greenhouse Horticulture and LTO Glaskracht. Research results and innovations related to greenhouse horticulture, focused on water (re)use and treatment, held centre-stage at the event. For innovations regarding wastewater streams, KWR is looking for growers interested in taking part in the research.

Beginning in 2018, growers will be obligated to treat their wastewater and remove at least 95% of the plant protection products (PPPs) it contains. For 2027, the greenhouse horticulture sector has set itself the goal of cultivating with practically zero-emissions, and preventing nutrients and PPPs from getting into the water. The sector is also looking for methods of accessing more water sources.

Research results

KWR presented a project that researches whether ‘forward osmosis’ technology can be used in greenhouse horticulture, so as to make more water sources available for irrigation water purposes. It also studies whether this techique is suitable for the thickening of the wastewater stream, which would allow for the smaller-scale and more efficient operation of treatment installations.

KWR also presented promising research results into the use of ‘activated carbon’ (both pulverized and granulated carbon) for the removal of PPPs. Pilot tests will be carried out over the next two weeks.

A call for growers

KWR is involved in mapping other wastewater streams in horticulture and in the prevention of water losses during crop rotations. During a workshop at the Waterevent, KWR described for the growers the possible water streams that are frequently not yet subject to regulations. Growers’ input to the study of these sources is extremely important. Would you like to participate in a survey and conduct measurements during a crop rotation in your company? If so, we’d like to get in touch with you. You can register with ; she can also provide you with further information.


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