European PREPARED project bundles knowledge on urban climate adaptation

Climate-proof measures for drinking water and sanitation systems

Climate-proof measures for drinking water and sanitation systems contribute to a sustainable urban water sector. This is one of the conclusions of Climate Change, Water Supply and Sanitation: Risk Assessment, Management, Mitigation and Reduction (IWA 2015). The PREPARED study underpins this by means of demonstrations in 12 cities. Since the solutions developed are also applicable to other cities, the authors want to stimulate the implementation of climate adaptation measures in the water sector.

Survey of measures and strategies

Climate change presents a huge challenge to the water sector. There is a need for structural solutions, particularly in densely populated urban areas, to make the supply of drinking water and sanitation systems climate-proof. In the European PREPARED research project, KWR, acting as project coordinator and working with leading research institutes and urban water companies, has developed and implemented risk assessment methods, as well as worked on the optimisation of urban water system management. Climate adaptation measures have been developed and demonstrated, from which adaptation strategies have been derived which make broadly-based assessments possible.

A number of authors from various countries collaborated on the book. Adriana Hulsmann and Gerard van den Berg of KWR were, as editors, responsible for its realisation.

Europees project PREPARED bundelt kennis stedelijke klimaatadaptatie