Buenos Aires water company AySA joins Watershare

AySA, the water company of Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires, became a Watershare member on Wednesday, 25 April. Now the consortium of water companies and water research organisations numbers 21 members, who share knowledge to jointly harness worldwide expertise in drinking water and wastewater when tackling local water challenges. The Watershare membership fits in with the broader collaboration between the Netherlands and Argentina, which was the subject of a declaration of intent signed by the two countries earlier in the week.

AySA is a large drinking water company. It supplies clean drinking water to the 15 million residents of Buenos Aires – that is, to about 35 percent of Argentinians. This is a big challenge in Argentina, since the groundwater there naturally contains high concentrations of arsenic. Knowledge about arsenic removal has been developed within Watershare, and a pilot is currently being prepared to study whether it can also be applied in Argentina.

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Photo: During his visit to KWR, AySA Director José Luis Inglese signs the Watershare membership agreement together with KWR’s CEO Wim van Vierssen.