Webinar: Removal of organic micropollutants during passage through the soil

Event details

Date: Thursday, 28 April 2022
Time: 13.00 – 14.00
Online on Teams

During the infiltration of surface water in the dunes and through river banks or reservoirs, natural processes in the soil can remove organic micropollutants (OMVs). In recent years, KWR, Dunea and WML have conducted research including field measurements to acquire a better understanding of the removal mechanisms for these OMVs during their passage through soil.

In this webinar, Jamal Majjaoui (Dunea, water purification expert), Bas van der Grift (KWR, hydrochemist) and Peer Timmers (KWR, microbiologist) will present the results of field measurements around the infiltration systems at Heel and Berkheide. The measurements show that the first metre of passage through the subsurface plays an important role in the removal of OMVs during drinking water production from surface water when bank infiltration is a part of the treatment process. They will also address the question of whether this removal process can be influenced by controlling the material deposited on the bottom of bank infiltration systems and infiltration canals, and cleaning frequencies.

This study was funded by the Sector Research programme (BTO) of the Dutch and Flemish Drinking Water Companies. This webinar is open only to employees of drinking water companies and laboratories.

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