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Water Knowledge Workplace

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Meet those who design disruptive innovations, and take part in building a knowledge network in the field of water in the circular city.

The organisation of a city’s systems: that’s governance.  Residents, scientists and administrators must work together and apply knowledge, and take decisions and actions to bring about targeted change to a city. But sometimes the knowledge isn’t usable and the innovations collide with existing organisations and regulations. Early this year, Water Board Amstel, Gooi and Vecht, together with KWR, VU, UvA and TU Delft, launched the Water Knowledge Action Programme. We carry out research into decentralised watercycle initiatives in the Amsterdam region, and are developing a network in which the partners concerned share knowledge, and also implement it in policy or innovations.

On12 April, we’re bringing the network parties together to discuss our programme’s initial insights, identify related activities and talk about the rest of the programme’s course. The key themes for this first Water Knowledge Workplace are:

  • Disruptive innovations in the water sector: current techniques at different scale levels.
  • Water Knowledge Network in the circular city: a baseline measurement.
  • Global set-up of the Knowledge Action Programme 2.0: jointly innovating organisation.


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