Exhibition stand and lectures on excellent water quality

KWR focusses on water quality at Vakbeurs Aqua Nederland

Event details

On 13, 14 and 15 March 2018, KWR will be present at the Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs in Gorinchem. Our stand (H.111) revolves around the theme of research for excellent water quality.

Each sector demands its own water quality. Water companies supply drinking water that is of impeccable quality. Surface water and wastewater have to meet different requirements, as does process water for industry. We conduct research with partners into all these stages of the urban watercycle. This regularly leads to innovations, such as the Continuous Biofilm Monitor (CBM), which will be present at our stand. Developed jointly with Milispec, the CBM allows us to keep a close eye on biofilm formation in water installations.

Continuous Biofilm Monitor

The CBM makes it possible to determine both the biofilm-formation and the biomass-accumulation properties of water using a single monitor on a semi-continuous basis. In this manner, problems like clogging and deterioration of microbial water quality can be quickly detected and the water treatment, storage and distribution optimised. The collaboration between KWR and Milispec is an example of innovative research that builds a bridge between science and water practice.

Wide-ranging research into water quality

Our researchers have extensive experience in joint knowledge development, that is, the collaboration between researchers and knowledge users. A good example is the joint knowledge development with the industrial sector over the past decade and, more recently, with the greenhouse horticultural sector as well. The central concern in all of these cases is the measurement, improvement and optimisation of water quality. With the waterboards we carry out research into effluent treatment and reuse; with the municipalities we trace drug residues in water; with water managers we search sources of contamination; and with the building sector we study how to improve water quality in the water distribution network.

Will you be coming too?

Information on these and a number of other projects will be available at our exhibition stand, as well as in the presentations and symposium in the adjacent programme of the Nationale Watertechnologie Week. For a free entry ticket to the trade fair contact , or order your tickets yourself through the link below. We hope to see you there!