Community of Practice (CoP) Watersector 3-2017

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How can one share knowledge as efficiently as possible within one’s own organisation? And how can one ensure that that knowledge is actually applied in practice? The Water Sector Community of Practice (CoP) offers a platform for knowledge managers from the public water sector, where they can share best practices with each other and be inspired by outside experts.

Water professionals work within a variety of networks, dedicating their skills and energy to societal water challenges. The Water Sector CoP aims to help strengthen the water sector as a learning organisation, by supporting water professionals in sharing their knowledge and experience.

This raises questions like: What types of organisational forms do we have within our organisations, and what kinds of problems do we encounter in them? Are we horizontally-oriented? The subjects covered include outside-in thinking, networking, collaborating, co-creation, participation, but also the individual in the organisation: self-managed teams, facilitating leadership, servant leadership, inspiration and motivation. What does this mean for the knowledge management and the development of our organisations?

For whom?

The Water Sector CoP is open to organisations in the public water sector and is facilitated by the KWR’s Knowledge Management group.