Workshop on pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals in water: science and practice

Load and concentrations of pharmaceuticals in water are increasing. Therefore, it will become more and more important to remove pharmaceuticals e.g. from WWTP effluent. During this workshop it was shown how big the problem of pharmaceuticals in water is, and what kind of technology can be applied to deal with this problem.

Pharmaceuticals in water: a problem?

In surface water and even in groundwater increasing loads and concentrations of pharmaceuticals are found. It is expected that they will increase in near future, thus becoming a problem for both drinking water production and the aquatic environment.  This explains the increasing interest of water boards and industry for methods to prevent this pollution and technology to remove pharmaceuticals from water. Many people visited the first workshop on this topic, organized by STOWA, LEAF and Wageningen University (dec. 2016), and also for this second workshop there was a lot of interest from all stakeholders.

Treatment techniques: science in practice, practice in science

Some water boards presented their views on the problem and the research they carry out to solve it. Furthermore, research institutes and universities presented their recent work in this field.