Workshop DPWE & OBN: Restoration of dune grasslands by reactivation of small scale eaolian dynamics

Results of on going research on geomorphology, soil, vegetation, and fauna of secondary blowouts - inventory of questions on planning and implementation of reactivation measures

In Dutch coastal dunes dune grasslands are endangered by an elevated atmospheric nitrogen deposition, a decline of grazing by rabbits, and a low eaolian dynamics. These grasslands are important for the biodiversity. An possible effective measure for preserving and restoration these grasslands is (re)activation of small scale eaolian activity. Current research in the DPWE program of dune water companies and the Dutch program for ecological restoration (O+NB) improves knowledge on patterns of small scale eaolian activity, and the ecological effects of eaolian dynamics on dune grasslands. The workshops presents provisional results of the research to nature managers, and will discuss this in respect to questions from practice.

Blowouts in a dune grassland landscape of Meijendel near The Hague.